Zero Percent plays at Sing Sing

I had the privilege last Friday to attend a screening of Zero Percent in the Sing Sing Auditorium where it was shown to a number of Hudson Link students and graduates.  Superintendent Heath, Sean Pica, Director Tim Skousen and Mercy College professors Jo Ann & Mark Skousen were also in attendance for this extremely emotional event. 

At times during the screening we all laughed and cried together.  During the poetry reading the men applauded in recognition of the talented men reciting their works, when Commissioner Brian Fischer hosted a round-table discussion with alumni the men applauded in recognition of the Commissioner’s support and dedication to the college program and to helping them men change their lives, and at the end of the film the men gave a standing ovation to the Director Tim Skousen for his thoughtful portrayal of the men, their families and the Hudson Link program.

Many of the men commented that they were “emotionally drained” from the event and needed to go lie down for a while and just digest the impact that the film and the program has had on their lives.  I too felt emotionally drained and immensely proud of all that our men have accomplished in their lives!

On the way out of the auditorium many of the guards who had just watched the film alongside the inmates stated that Zero Percent very accurately represented the transformation they have witnessed first-hand as a result of Hudson Link’s college program and expressed the need to show the film to the entire Sing Sing population to help motivate and inspire them.  And thanks to Superintendent Heath, that is exactly what is going to happen – the entire Sing Sing population will be given the opportunity to watch Zero Percent in the auditorium in the coming weeks.

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