Support for Prison Education from an Alumni of Hudson Link

Angelo Hunt, Student

I have often heard people ask: “What would you be willing to die for?” The same answer has always entered my mind: I would die to save someone I love. However, a better question might be: “What would you be willing to live for?” Unfortunately no one has ever asked me that, but if asked, I would say an education is what I live for.

When I was told I would not be able to complete my college education due to the closing of the medium annex of Sing Sing, I felt crushed. I packed what few belongings I had and “moved” to Fishkill Correctional Facility. It was a surprise to none when I began doing emotional cartwheels when — after a month — I was asked if I wanted to return to Sing Sing to complete my degree. Some acquaintances thought I was crazy for volunteering to go from a medium facility back to a maximum one. Those people believed I was sacrificing a certain freedom that comes from being in a medium: showers, unescorted movement through the facility, a “better” commissary, etc.

Those men had it all wrong. None of those “perks” meant anything to me. They could not help me to become a better person, nor could they help me to get home to my children any sooner. To stay at Fishkill would have been the sacrifice. I would have given up my education, and I could not see myself making that kind of sacrifice. Education is my avenue to self-empowerment; education is also the only thing in prison that gives me gratification, enjoyment. Now no one has to ask me what I live for. They don’t have to because the answer is evident in my actions.

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3 Responses to Support for Prison Education from an Alumni of Hudson Link

  1. Lori says:

    What an amazing story. Angelo you should be so proud of your accomplishments and your commitment to “unlocking the doors” to your freedom.

  2. Sean says:

    I remember Angelo when he was 1st accepted into the Hudson Link college program and I always knew he could do this. Of course the problem is that many men and women who are incarcerated do not believe they are college material. Angelo was one of the most impressive students I have ever encountered and we are so proud to call him a Hudson Link alumnus!

  3. Mary Donnolly says:

    Being able to watch the transformation of a woman who once thought she would amount to nothing but took a chance and entered a college course only to complete it and earn college credits is a true blessing. I see women who are broken and battered and because I can identify with that I seem to have a knack for getting them to enroll in the most basic of courses. Once they earn those first credits, for some the road has just opened to a brighter and better future. There is no stopping them. Hudson Link offers the women of Taconic this golden opportunity. By changing the life of the women incarcerated at Taconic, we are also changing the lives of their children and the entire family dynamic. What a way to make a difference. Thank you Hudson Link!

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